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German Shepherd Breeding - Performance breeding

Breeding German Shepherd Puppies with parents from Germany, which have a Breed Survey Certificate

Vom Geisterholz Kennels breeds exclusively German Shepherd Dogs from German Bloodlines and only with parents who have the Breed-Survey Certificate. (Koerschein), issued by the SV, the German Shepherd Dog Parent Club in Germany.

When bying a puppy ALWAYS make sure with the breeder that both parents have a breed survey (Koerschein).

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Requirements for a Breed-Survey are as follows:

1. X-Rays and DNA samples have to be sent by the US-Vet direct to the head office of the German Shepherd Dog Club (SV) in Augsburg Germany.

2. The Dog has to achieve at least a "good" or "better a "very good" or an "excellent" result in an SV accepted show

3. At the show the Dog is tested for "good" character and behavior, his/her teeth will be checked for over or under bite and being complete, his testicles need to be in the right position. The Dog has to meet the correct height, to small or to large are not accepted, as well as the right color and coat.

4. The Dog has to pass the BH Test (Traffic sureness test)

5. The Dog has to pass the Schutzhund Test which contains Obedience, Tracking and Protection

6. The Dog has to pass the power test, which means running 12 Miles (20Km) beside a bike without showing signs of weakness or limping.

Only after all of these requirements are met will the dog be awarded with the breed-survey-certificate.

At Vom Geisterholz Kennels we are breeding exclusively with these dogs. (Performance breeding)

When buying a puppy ALWAYS ASK if both parents have a breed survey (Koerschein) to make sure, you get a puppy from a performance breeding bloodline.

Our puppies will have the highly desirable "pink" papers with a Pedigree for 4 Generations back. The pedigree and the "pink" papers are being issued by the " Verein fuer Deutsche Schaeferhunde" (SV), Augsburg, Germany. It will be registered at the United Schutzhund Clubs of America in St. Louis, MO. All of our puppies are registered in the United States of America and in Germany.

Please give us a call or send an e mail if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to answer all of your questions regarding German Shepherd Dogs. Looking forward to talking with you soon ....Klaus Langenbach

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