German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Florida - With International
Performance-Breeding-Pedigree Certification (The Famous Pink Papers)

Florida German Shepherd Puppy Breeder - Breeding the German Way in Florida

Florida German Shepherd  Puppies  - Florida German Shepherd Breeder

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Florida ... Click Here

We offer for sale World Class German Shepherd Puppies for sale with the International Performance - Breeding - Pedigree - the Pink Papers. Our puppies are bred here in Florida but are bred the German way by German breeder Klaus Langenbach. We breed genuine German Shepherd puppies and offer them for sale in Florida and throughout the United States - Klaus is a top German Shepherd Breeder in SE America.

Our puppies come from parents that are from Germany and have a Koerschein - Breed Survey Certificate for selected intensive tested German Shepherds. To qualify for the Koerschein, our dogs have to pass about a dozen examinations, tests and checks.

Some of the Koerschein examinations requirements are:

Hip and elbow x-rays, DNA-register, teeth complete check, drive, behavior and character test, correct body proportion, correct size, correct fur and color, indifferent towards shooting, power examination - running 12.5 miles beside a bike, they must pass the BH (traffic sureness test), earn the IPO/Schutzhund-title, received a minimum "Good" ranking in a German Shepherd Show under an SV recognized Judge.

From certified great parents you can expect wonderful puppies, ready for you as protective family companions and willing to be trained by you as working dogs too. Our German Shepherd puppies come from certified German Bloodlines; our German breeding produces world class German Shepherd puppies and all are certified with international "pink papers". Our performance breeding makes our puppies World Class work dogs and exceptional family pets.

Florida German Shepherd  Puppies  - Florida German Shepherd Breeder

Florida Bred German Shepherd Puppies with International "Pink Papers"

What type of German Shepherd do you want? There are two completely different types of German Shepherd Dogs bred in the United States. The most common type is the American bred German Shepherd which is mainly bred as a family pet. While our Breed Certified German bred dogs are used by police, military and rescue teams. Through Certified Performance Breeding our dogs can also be used worldwide for International - Performance - Breeding, transferring their high quality genes to new offspring. And of course our puppies also make the best pets.

If you want the best possible puppy make sure, both parents have the Koerschein (Breed Survey Certificate) and ask the breeder for copies of those certificates. If a parent dog does not meet the high quality international standards their puppies are not certified. ALL of Our Dogs MEET THE REQUIRED quality criteria for International certification.

If a dog does not meet these strict standards it is not certified. If a breeder is offering a Health Guarantee it is a good sign that the puppies have not met the strict standards of genuine certification. Make sure that your new German Shepherd Puppy is certified. Our puppies come out of performance breeding ... from parents that both have international breed certificates, called "Koerschein". This is your guaranty that the parents and your puppy are healthy Certified German Shepherds of World Class breeding.

Our German Shepherd Puppies Are Bred As "World Class German Bred" From Top Certified Bloodlines.

Our breeder Klaus is a Veteran Breeder from Germany, breeding the International/German way right here in Florida. Offering World Class German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Florida. You will rarely find an American Bred German Shepherd used as a working dog; but you will from our kennel. Our puppies are World class German bred German Shepherds from top bloodlines. You can rarely find other Florida German Shepherd breeders that meet this high quality certified standard. Our German Bred german shepherds work for Search and Rescue, Red Cross Helpers, Herding Dogs, Guard Dogs, Police Dogs, Therapy Dogs and a lot more. German Shepard puppies for sale in Florida.

German Shepherd Breeder in Florida

Question to ask any breeder: Will the puppy get the pink paper/pedigree?

We ONLY breed German bred German Shepherd Dogs - performance dogs. Our Dogs are bred to international standards for German Shepherd Dogs. Both parents are required to have a breed survey. The pink papers are the guarantee, that the puppy comes from a high performance breed.

Click to learn more about our Florida German Shepherd breed survey requirements.

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German Shepherd Dogs with pink papers

Thank you for visiting the web site of the “Vom Geisterholz” Kennels. You are interested in a real German Shepherd Dog. There is a big difference between American bred German Shepherd Dogs and German /International bred German Shepherd Dogs, which come with the famous “Pink Papers”. The two different Shepherd dog types are almost like two different breeds. To see the difference between the 2 types of German Shepherd dogs, click on this web site on “German Shepherd vs American Shepherd”. The breed of German Shepherd Dogs in the USA suffers extremely and over decades, it went completely out of control! It is sad to see that about 99 % of all German Shepherd Dogs, you will find in the USA, are only the American type of German Shepherd, not able to compete international with the poor breed German Shepherd Dogs, which have the famous pink papers, the International Pedigree, issued in Germany.

We breed the German/International Way

All our German Shepherd puppies, born in the US, get the famous pink papers, the international pedigree. It is very difficult, to find one of the maybe 10 breeders in the entire USA, breeding German Shepherd puppies, following the very strict International rules, so that their puppies get the pink papers from Germany.

We are the only breeder in the State of Florida, where the GS puppies get the famous pink papers from Germany. 
Only if both parents have a valid Koerschein (Breed Survey Certificate), can the pink papers be issued to the puppies.
To get a Koerschein, the parents must:

  1. Get the hips and elbows certified by the SV in Germany. (German Shepherd Dog Association, Germany).
  2. Pass the Endurance test (running 12.5 miles (20 km) beside a bike, without showing any problems.
  3. Pass the character and behavior test.
  4. Pass the companion test (BH).
  5. Receive a minimum rating “good”, better “very good” or best “excellent” in an conformation show under an SV-judge (All dogs in our kennel have “excellent”)
  6. Receive the working dog title “IPO” (former “Schutzhund”) after passing the examinations in tracking, obedience and protection work.
  7. Pass all test criteria’s in a breed survey examination, which are:
    1. Right size of the body (no under or oversize).
    2. Right weight of the dog (no under or overweight).
    3. Right color of coat and eyes.
    4. Both ears correct stand up.
    5. Complete number and position of the teeth.
    6. Both testicle’s down on the males.
    7. Pass the character test.
    8. Pass the bite work test.

If a German Shepherd Dog has passed all these tests and examinations, a breed survey certificate for a two-year period will be issued to the dog. After two years, the dog has to pass the breed survey examination again, to get a valid certificate for lifetime.
There are a lot of German Shepherd Dogs in Europe and some in the USA, able to become good working dogs, but not good enough for a breed survey certificate, which allows them an International high performance breeding – only the best dogs should be used for breeding!
Sorry, but puppies from such a high-class breeding are never cheap, but they are worth their money!